Bringing up a teenager
Once puberty hit, my calm puppy who I had trained so hard and so well, turned into a demon in a matter of months. She is expected to be at this demon stage for 1–2 years. The teenage phase creeped in slowly and steadily and one fine day, I realised my dog won’t even do a “sit" at home when I ask her. She was throwing tantrums for her meals, for play, for grooming and on walks. Everything we had worked on together for months was wiped away by a surge in hormones. …

Traveling with your dog
Am here to bust another myth created on IG - that you can load your dog into a car or on a train and take a hassle free trip.

There are two kinds of vacations with dogs - one, where you take a vacation for them and second, where they accompany you on yours. We are far, far away from the latter and have taken 2 vacations with Barfi. The first was a staycation 2 hrs away from our home and the 2nd was at a beach 5 hours away.

Influenced by IG, I was tempted…

Dog nutritionist

A quick post on how to make sure you have the right dog nutritionist.

What you feed your dog is very important and so getting the right advice from a professional is crucial. You are better off feeding a good brand of kibble than getting the nutrition wrong. And you must consult someone who is prompt in replying to you when your dog has issues. If they are not one phone call or Whatsapp away, don’t give them your hard earned money. …

Things I have learned in the lockdown

  1. Getting out of bed everyday can be an achievement. But it’s not a failure if you can’t.
  2. Getting something, anything, done can be an achievement. But it’s not a failure if you can’t.
  3. Scaling down expectations from yourself is ok
  4. You don’t need friends and family to survive. You need them to thrive
  5. Caring about others is exhausting and it’s ok to take a break from it for a few months
  6. There are people unaware of the effects of a pandemic on mental health. Worse, they think it’s bullshit
  7. If you haven’t seen…

Separation anxiety in dogs

I listened to a podcast today on this topic and decided to type out a quick post.

When we decided to get a puppy home and into our busy lives, we put in lots of effort to prevent any sort of separation anxiety. We wanted our dog to be attached and affectionate with us but independent. We wanted her to be able to stay alone for upto 4 hours everyday and for another 4 hours with a househelp. Also, be comfortable with us travelling for work etc. In fact, we wanted our dog to sleep in…

Rant against IG dog accounts in India

Barfi’s IG account started the day she came home with us. I wanted to document her antics and our new life with her. And since I didn’t want to be that mom whose life is now all about her child (MAYBE I AM already THAT mom but please don’t tell me), it made sense to have a separate account for her.

What I didn’t expect was using 'mute’, 'block’, 'unfollow' as much on her account as I do on mine. Until last year, I never followed any dog accounts and the few international…

Nutrition for dogs

Disclaimer - This post is by a first time pet parent who has no qualifications to give any kind of advice.

This post is Part 1 of many, many posts on this topic. It will talk about stuff that you absolutely need if you plan to move your dog to home food. Everyone on IG makes it seem like it is easy and mandatory.

Remember one thing - what you feed your dog does not contribute to his/her happiness. My dog will be happiest if she got to eat stale rotis on the ground, dirty bones, dirty…

Disclaimer : I have no qualification or expertise to give this advice and only 6 months as a dog parent. But in the pet industry, this is enough to give out unsolicited advice.

What is dog training? As a first time dog parent, my view is that it is a way to understand and speak dog language. A trainer bridges the gap between a human being and dog. The trainer cum behaviorist helps you build a relationship with your dog with his/her needs as a priority.

Who needs a trainer? Everyone, even if this isn’t your first dog. Because every…

A rant against off leash dogs

The first time we went to Maidan with Barfi, we bumped into many parents walking their dogs off leash. They advised me to remove her leash because she wouldn’t run away since she is a puppy. Despite the temptation to give her all this freedom, we decided to consult the trainer, who didn’t think it was a good idea. A long leash seemed like a good compromise while we worked on her recall.

After having very annoying experiences with off leash dogs, I have decided to take Barfi to areas where we don’t bump…

Pros of lockdown

I have complained enough about the lockdown - running out of dog food, no access to vet, lack of socialization, lack of training etc etc.

But there was one big pro during the period we couldn’t take Barfi for walks. Walks are so convenient. Take your dog out twice a day for an hour, let them sniff, chill, walk, meet people and they don’t have energy for anything else during the day. Hire a dog walker if you can’t do it yourself. But when you can’t walk your dog for months, how many times can you play…

Bulbul Gopalani

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